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ADFS 2016 idpinitiatedsignon page is missing – Solved

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Many of you guys will probably know the ADFS page, which can be used to test the authentication. Most of the time this page is used after the installation of an ADFS farm or in error cases. With the introduction of ADFS on Windows Server 2016, many of us may have encountered the problem, which […]


A guide on simplifications for O365 admins – II – PowerShell profiles

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In my previous post, which you can read here: I showed you how you can simplify your life as an O365 admin, with Chrome profiles. With this post, I want to show you, how you can tune your PowerShell in order to establish PS profiles too, which can be used to automate common tasks, […]


Get the storage location of mailboxes in Exchange Online

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Microsoft always claims, that all data from a customer is only stored in that region, where the Office 365 contract is bound to. Now that means, that all SharePoint Online data and Exchange Online data will only be stored in the EMEA datacenters, when the contract is bound to Microsoft Austria for example. Now if […]