Microsoft Bot Framework v4 Infographic [UPDATED]

Almost a year ago I published one of my first infographics which should visualize the various components of the Microsoft Bot Framework. Back then, the Bot Framework was available in version 3.0 and as you can imagine, since then there have been a lot of updates and changes. Some weeks ago, Microsoft announced that version 4.0 is now GA with many improvements and enhancements. Therefore, I decided to update my version of the infographic in order to visualize what changed and what’s important when talking about the Bot Framework, which I also renamed the “Microsoft Conversational AI Landscape”:

Microsoft Conversational AI Landscape
Microsoft Conversational AI Landscape

The full image can be downloaded here: Microsoft Conversational AI Landscape

Feel free to use it for internal use in your presentations or documents. The only point I ask you to do is to credit me and link this article to your documents where you use it. Please do not sell this as your own 😉



  1. Gene

    Very cool diagram. I like how the Channels are broken up into the individual services that can be used. I’ve been sharing some of your diagram with out kiwi AI/ML discussion group.

    Is there anything visual like this that breaks AI/ML components down to the slightly deeper service level, like LUIS? Something an engineer or consultant could see a bit more of the services and how they interrelate.

      • Gene

        Yes – just digging a little deeper into the next layer down of what the Language, Vision, Knowledge capabilities or hooks are.

        Sorry – I’ve been struggling to find these items to describe these. Things like the QnA Maker quickstart / botbuilder/ API. APIs like Bing Text 2 Speech, Spellcheck. Even deeper, Computer Vision as a single API that covers thumbnails, OCR, and a Describe POST URL. AD Authentication is there somewhere, as would be bot memory, and The Graph. The term ‘intent’.

        I remember a thrill when first hearing about ‘intent’ and ‘machine learning’ referencing data mining – the concepts spark ideas for me. Thanks for taking the time to understand my suggestion – I would love to see these building blocks somewhere.

  2. Gene

    Thanks Stephan! I think you might be right with the common services idea, particularly the grokable clumps like Rich Cards output. Taking your ‘landscape’ and having a must-see-highlights tour of the smorgasbord Cognitive Services Infographic?

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